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Fintan runs marathon for the Trust

Posted on Sep 5, 2014

The Trust is now closed. This website and the facebook page will remain live, as an archive and as a tribute to Lee.



The charity is honoured to be able to say that the amazing Fintan Lawler has run the Dublin 26 mile marathon (27th October 2014) to raise money for the Trust

The person who has inspired Fintan to train for this marathon is Lee Wright. At the young age of 24, Lee died tragically in a car accident in Spain where he was an innocent back seat passenger in November 2008. Lee is an inspiration to people all around the World and the Lee Wright Memorial Trust set up to honour his name and works to promote and commemorate Lee's positive attitude towards life, dance and learning. The trust provides workshops and funded activities to reach those who are unable or unlikely to access dance developing both their physical and psychological well being.

Fintan Lawler aka Finchacha Whisperer was part of a salsa student group in Ireland, "Represento" who Lee trained in Ireland for more than 14 weeks. During that time all of the group became good friends with Lee and they performed in Ireland and the UK in July/ August 2008. Represento goup on You Tube

Fintan has completed the Dublin City Marathon on 27th October 2014, 26 miles 395 yards/ 42.195 kilometers to raise funds for the Trust.

"It is an honour and a privilege to run for Lee, he is a positive and inspirational influence in my life, I am delighted that the funds raised will help those who may not otherwise have the change to get involved in salsa and music."



Parli Hill Students hit the dancefloor

Posted on Nov 16, 2013

Students at the North London School 'Parliament Hill' ended their working week with a fabulous Beginners Salsa Class with Miriam! 


CreativeDance60+/BADGE students triumph at salsa dancing in Tottenham

Posted on Jun 11, 2013

Around 30 enthusiastic dancers turned up to learn and have fun, for this beginners salsa partnerwork class! It was a brilliant success, with some of the dancers inspired to continue salsa dancing, which is fantastic. It has been wonderful for the Trust to work with two great organisations, to bring about the event. As Creative Dance 60+ puts it, "We hope more active older people living in or around Tottenham will come and join us, get fitter, meet friends, and be creative!" 


Sylvie takes to the saddle in 2013!

Posted on Apr 18, 2012

2013    Sylvie Wright (new name: Sylvie Wiggins!) is cycling her way through 2013 to raise funds!

Sylvie (Trustee for the charity and mother of Lee) is riding her bike for as much as she can during 2013 to raise additional funds for the Trust.  

She's asking for sponsorship of just 1p per mile, so if you would like to Sponsor Sylvie, please follow the instructions on the 'fundraising' page on the website or the charity event page.


Zumba Gold Latin event 2013, taught by Clare

Posted on Dec 31, 2012


Coming up in 2013: Zumba Gold Latin event!

A 'Zumba Gold' class/event will provide exercise to the older generation, in a fun and friendly environment and at a pace suitable for all groups from the fairly agile to those in a wheel chair. It is designed to help increase mobilisation, enhance circulation and improve a sense of balance.

Throughout his life, Lee Wright enjoyed entertaining the general public with theatre performances and salsa shows, but he also enjoyed going to retirement homes to entertain the residents, so this event is very much following in his footsteps!

More details soon.


LoveLee Annual Salsa Extravaganza 3rd November 2012

Posted on Apr 18, 2012

2012      Annual LoveLee Salsa Extravaganza: Saturday 3rd November! 



This years' Extravaganza saw a bigger number people coming through the door than anyone could have expected! There was such a great atmosphere from the workshops at 2pm all the way through to the end of the night at 2am the following morning!


The total raised at LoveLee 2012 was £2,198.50 which is fantastic!...  even more than last year!


People gave generously to buy tshirts and raffle tickets, and many people enjoyed having a go at hoola hooping as well as trying on wigs to get professional photos in the 'Wig Area'! There were some wonderful performances with Salsa shows from student groups to professional groups.


This year it was possible to decorate the venue with pictures of the courses held over the last year, and to show a film about the charity and it's work.  


The thank you list can be found on the fundtraising page, because this event wouldn't be possible without all the volunteers, performers and raffle donors who are so generous towards the charity!  


PLEASE NOTE that the next fundraiser has been moved to 2014. (Details of exactly when and where TBC!)




Autumn 'Salsa with Attitude' Performance course with Laith

Posted on Nov 11, 2012


Autumn 'Salsa with Attitude' 6 week Course! with Laith, start date 10th October 2012

This course follows the success of the first one that was held in the spring of 2012 at Parliament Hill School, in conjunction with Kids Company. The group includes students aged 11 to 15. They are a confident group of dancers with all the attitude required for this particular choreography!


Summertime Performance Course with teacher Zoe August 2012

Posted on Apr 18, 2012

Summertime  Performance Course, taught by Zoe, start date August 2012

This Summertime south London course has been run for a group of students aged 16 - 18, and choreographed and taught by Zoe Hodges. 

The girls performed at Bromley Salsa, at the Bromley Civic Centre on Tuesday 4th September. They pulled off a fabulous performance, for a wonderful crowd of cheering salsa dancers! The ladies looked stunning in their costumes and entertained the audience with a confident performance full of formations and lots of lovely ladies styling! Brilliant job ladies!!

Expert posing following a great performance... and a few silly faces for good measure!


Previously: Year 7 Kids Co Performance Course with teacher Laith June 2012

Posted on Apr 18, 2012


Kids Company Performance Course with Laith, Started 1st June 2012        

The Lee Wright Synergy Dance World Memorial Trust has been working with Kids Company and a North London School, to organise a performance course during June and July. As part of it's work, Kids Co works within schools in London to help young people achieve their goals and dreams through positive experiences and relationships. This has provided a link to the North London School 'Parliament Hill School'. Laith Sami, one of the most experienced salsa dancers/choreographers in the UK, has been teaching a Salsa footwork choreography influenced by hip hop which was looking great in rehearsals! All of the students have performed at the school assembly on 20th July and did an amazing job. A few of them also performed on the main stage at Hillingdon Carnival and were absolutely brilliant! The girls looked really confident during their performances and also remembered the routine without problems, filling the stages with colour and energy! Great job ladies! 


Dress rehearsal  


Performance time on the main stage at Hillingdon Carnival!   Photos:


Previously: International Women's Day meets SALSA! March 2012

Posted on Apr 18, 2012

‘International Women’s Day’ Beginners Workshop, 9th March 2012

On March 9th Miriam Oppel taught a beginners workshop for us, to introduce salsa to a women-only group in North London. The workshop was held at a drug treatment centre in Finsbury Park, as part of ‘International Women’s Day’ and the students were sent home with an independent ‘Beginners Guide to Salsa!’ to encourage them to get out and dance following the workshop. 

Despite the students being only beginners, they produced some great poses/ ladies styling for the photos! (with a bit of help from Miriam!) 


Previously: An amazing day and night of dance! The Extravaganza 2011

Posted on Nov 30, 2011

The Annual LoveLee Salsa Extravaganza 2011

The 2011 Extravaganza raised £1913.95 for the Trust's funded projects. Thank you SO MUCH to all who took part and helped out on the day (and night)!

There was an amazing, positive atmosphere throughout, and we hope you enjoyed it much as we did!


Party night Photographs: by Gus Mensah-Poku, Greg Osbourne, Stefania Mc


The event in 2011 included workshops in ‘Styling within Partnerwork’, ‘Pilates’, 'Spinning',  ‘Performance & Choreography Skills’ as well as the evening footwork and partnerwork class. 

The party night included shows, dance games, a raffle with (some fabulous prizes), and of course lots and lots of social dancing late into the night!

For more information on the Annual Extravaganza and to see more photos, please go to 'fundraising' in the main menu or check out the charity facebook page!


Previously: First Outreach Workshops at Hertford Regional College: Nov 2011

Posted on Nov 3, 2011


Outreach Workshops, Hertford Regional College, November 2011

Our first outreach salsa workshops were taught by two great teachers Albert Pegus and Miriam Oppel.

This comprised a day of workshops with teenage groups with little or no experience of salsa including those with learning difficulties, with an introduction to the charity and Lee Wright, followed by learning about the benefits of salsa for health and wellbeing, and finally of course, lessons on the rhythms of Salsa music and the basic steps of Salsa dance.