The Annual LoveLee Salsa Extravaganza 2011

The 2011 Extravaganza raised £1913.95 for the Trust's funded projects. Thank you SO MUCH to all who took part and helped out on the day (and night)!

There was an amazing, positive atmosphere throughout, and we hope you enjoyed it much as we did!


Party night Photographs: by Gus Mensah-Poku, Greg Osbourne, Stefania Mc


The event in 2011 included workshops in ‘Styling within Partnerwork’, ‘Pilates’, 'Spinning',  ‘Performance & Choreography Skills’ as well as the evening footwork and partnerwork class. 

The party night included shows, dance games, a raffle with (some fabulous prizes), and of course lots and lots of social dancing late into the night!

For more information on the Annual Extravaganza and to see more photos, please go to 'fundraising' in the main menu or check out the charity facebook page!