The Trust is now closed. This website and the facebook page will remain live, as an archive and as a tribute to Lee.


The LoveLee Salsa Extravaganza aims to celebrate the life of Lee Wright, and to raise funds for the Trust. Other fundraising events are also listed on this page.





We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the LoveLee Extravaganza fundraiser 2014!  The total profit was £1438.42   Fundraiser photos!



The LoveLee Extravaganza is a day and night of salsa dancing, mixed with a good dose of fun and fundraising! As well as being an amazing biannual event, (offering evening classes, shows, social dancing and more), the money raised ensures that the Trust can offer as many workshops and courses as possible, to reach and benefit as many students and dancers as possible. 

Although the event has a serious side: (raising money/raising awareness for the charity),… the Trust tries to give it an extra injection of fun to make the event feel both unique, and also reflective of the fun-loving personality who inspired the Trust, Lee Wright! For all those who take part in this event in some way, the idea is to learn a lot, dance a lot, and above all, have a great time!The fundraiser is held on a bi-annual basis, giving the charity plenty of time to commit to its projects, and making the fundraiser even more of a special event! See further below for details of previous fundraisers.   If you have any questions about the fundraiser or about the charity, please email: or the facebook page:     
 Official photos 2012: Neil Young & Chris Rolison 

2014 The amazing Fintan Lawler ran the Dublin 26 mile marathon 27th October 2014 to raise money for the Trust:

As Fintan expressed prior to running the Marathon: "It is an honour and a privilege to run for Lee, he is a positive and inspirational influence in my life, I am delighted that the funds raised will help those who may not otherwise have the change to get involved in salsa and music, It's my first marathon and am delighted to run this one for Lee"  Fintan raised an an amazing £1,268.28 for the charity plus another £100 at the charity fundraiser!

 2013 Wheels in motion for Sylvie Wright's Fundraising Challenge: 

An amazing 1,892 miles cycled!

Sylvie (Trustee for the charity and mother of Lee) was sponsored for cycling through 2013 - at 1p per mile, to raise funds for the Trust!


Well done Sylvie, and thank you to everyone who sponsored her!! Thank you also to the people who contributed at the charity fundraiser to Sylvies Bucket!




2012  LoveLee Salsa Extravaganza: Saturday 3rd November

The 2012 extravaganza proved to be an amazing event with an unprecedented number of people at the party night. This year included 3 hours of daytime workshops, evening warm up, evening class, lots of shows, 4 hours of social dancing, raffle with fabulous prizes, charity film, hoola hooping and finally, in true Lee style, a 'Wig Area' with professional photography! This year was the first opportunity to show what the charity has been working on in the last year.  As usual this event provides a yearly excuse for everyone to come together as a salsa community, to dance and to have fun, all inspired by Lee and the Trust's work!


The total amount raised at LoveLee 2012 was £2,198.50   

Thank you everyone who took part! - see further below for the official 'thank you' list.


Here is a taste of the 2012 extravaganza, including the packed-out dance floor, shows, and wig-wearers!...



More photos are on the charity facebook page:


Official photos 2012: Neil Young & Chris Rolison  


The Lee Wright Synergy Dance World Memorial Trust would like to say a MASSIVE:



... to all the wonderful people who contributed their time, money and energy to help support the event/charity:


Daytime workshops: Mauricio Reyes, Miriam Oppel, Albert Pegus, Laith Sami.

Evening Classes: Pierre Henry, Zoe Henry, Bircan Tulga, Anke Obermayer.

DJs & MC: Shaan Shaan, Os Edeko, Jamil Bacha, Steve Bridger, Dave Keeler, Moe Flex, Phil Marsden.

Tech Man: Phil Marsden

Photographers: Neil Young, Chris Rolison

Shows: Salsa Chillout Student Performance Group, Mawu-Lisa Dance Company, Lord Bachata Dancers, Element Dance Students, Sleek Arrows Student Team D, Diablo Dance Company, Gilberto Prado Mendez.

Volunteers: Albert Pegus, Lynsie Patient, Dave Keeler, Alex Fright, Jess Bignell Yuki Kannou, Pierre Henry, Zoe Henry, Senol Kosar, Tolga Kosar. Anke Obermayer, Mouni Guellati, Edison Buitrago, Susan Yeates, Antony Hurlock, David Hynes, Yvette Edwards, Charlotte Blake,

Raffle: Red Rowan

Raffle Prizes: Robert White and Jean White, SuperMario, Mauricio Reyes, Mo Flex, Joe Davids

Video: Bircan Tulga

Romeo & Juliet event collecting from the crowd: Tony Lara & Jean White (over £100 raised!)

Photographs: Chris Rolison and Neil Young

Lighting: Terry Lewis

Thank you to the dancers and workshoppers for supporting the charity, dancing at the charity events and joining in the fun

And finally, for continuing to inspire us and bringing us together year after year: Lee Wright


...and of course anyone we have been stupid enough to forget!



Previous Fundraisers:



2011     Annual LoveLee Salsa Extravaganza

The 2011 Extravaganza raised £1913.95 for our funded projects. Thank you SO much!



Take a look at the 2011 fundraiser! -  Amazingly, all this happened in just one day!...



The event in 2011 included workshops in ‘Styling within Partnerwork’, ‘Pilates’, 'Spinning',  ‘Performance & Choreography Skills’ as well as the evening footwork and partnerwork class. 




The party night included shows, dance games, a raffle with some amazing prizes, and of course lots and lots of social dancing late into the night!













Party night Photographs: by Gus Mensah-Poku, Greg Osbourne, Stefania Mc


Here are a few parts of the event what were directly inspired by Lee:



Party night Photographs: by Gus Mensah-Poku, Greg Osbourne, Stefania Mc




In particular, we would like to say THANK YOU (on behalf of the Lee Wright Dance World Memorial Trust) to all the wonderful people who have contributed time,  energy and raffle prizes to help support this charity event: Miriam Oppel, Harry Lim, Sharon Wu Huang, Mel Carpenter, Gil Prado Mendez, Pierre Henry, Zoe Henry, Ant Hurlock, Bircan Tulga, Dave Keeler, Jess Bignell, Shaan Shaan, Os Edeko, Jamil Bacha, Ant Hurlock, Sean Jennings , Dave Keeler, Mel Carpenter, La Gente de Mambata, Albert Pegus, Lynsie Patient, Dave Keeler, Fintan Lawler, Allan Moult, Eva Balas, Jenni, Grace Silliton, Alex Fright, Jess Bignell, Kirsty Gray, Yuki Kannou, Pierre Henry, Zoe Henry, Senol Kosar, Emrah Liman, Tolga Kosar, David Hynes, Gus Mensah-Poku, , Greg Osbourne, Stefania Mc, Red Rowan, Heidi Ford, Rachelle Mayo, Robert White and Jean White, Basil Pinnock, Tamambo Shaibani and Leon Rose, Marchant Birch and Davina Birch, Mauricio Reyes, Kim Ireland, Steve Bridger, Jeff Tarpinian, Mel Carpenter, Steve Eden, Joseph Davids, Robert White and Jean White, Christine Penhall. Thanks to the dancers, for dancing at our events and joining in the fun. Thanks to Lee Wright: For continuing to inspire us and bringing us together year after year. …and anyone we have been stupid enough to forget!


Lee was (and continues to be) loved by so many within the salsa community. If you would like to get involved with any of his Trust’s activities, whether for the Annual Event or as part of a Project, please do not hesitate to let us know!




Lee Wright Synergy Dance World Memorial Trust Registered Charity No. 1142876 (Charitable Status Gained July 2011)