Kids Company Performance Course with Laith, Started 1st June 2012        

The Lee Wright Synergy Dance World Memorial Trust has been working with Kids Company and a North London School, to organise a performance course during June and July. As part of it's work, Kids Co works within schools in London to help young people achieve their goals and dreams through positive experiences and relationships. This has provided a link to the North London School 'Parliament Hill School'. Laith Sami, one of the most experienced salsa dancers/choreographers in the UK, has been teaching a Salsa footwork choreography influenced by hip hop which was looking great in rehearsals! All of the students have performed at the school assembly on 20th July and did an amazing job. A few of them also performed on the main stage at Hillingdon Carnival and were absolutely brilliant! The girls looked really confident during their performances and also remembered the routine without problems, filling the stages with colour and energy! Great job ladies! 


Dress rehearsal  


Performance time on the main stage at Hillingdon Carnival!   Photos: